Good Things Coming

PPROA is getting a new website!  For the last year we have been researching how to best to continue our committment to serve our members best.  One was to come out of the the "stoneage" and provide a better mechanism for you to find and receive information and that is through a more functional website.  We are now "building our pad site".  Until then know you are always welcome to call Judy Stark, our Executive Vice President, with any questions. 


On Going

We are still invested in providing information regarding natural gas contracts.  We have a special ad hoc committee working on your behalf.  Should you have questions we will direct you to the members of that committee.


We have had two programs on the EPA ICR forms.  If you have missed those meetings.  Let us know!  We have information to forward to you.


This is a legislative year and we are currently reviewing and drafting legislation.  We will be printing the most current legislation that is critical to our industry and has already been sponsored in the Pipeline.  Please read and report if you have any issues with these bills. 


As always  - don't hesitate to contact us!  We are our main concern! 



REPORT: Oil Industry Plays Leading Role In Thriving Texas Economy


Railroad Commission of Texas  Procedure for filing and responding to informal complaints.


  Call the office for credit card payment options.


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The Panhandle Producers & Royalty Owners Association is an advocate for oil and gas producers, mineral royalty owners and industry support companies in the Texas panhandle, western Oklahoma and southwestern Kansas. Association advocacy is both proactive and responsive and includes:

  • Providing resources and contacts for member education and training
  • Representation before local, statewide and national governmental bodies and their leaders
  • Representation before civic and service organizations, media and schools
  • Facilitation of member networking opportunities
  • Disbursement of industry information to members


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